Want to Go on a Budget Friendly Tour of India This Year?

India is a beautiful country as know, and the country is blessed with numerous number of exciting tourist destinations. Starting from the breathtaking beaches, to soaring mountains, from the pristine rivers to the golden desert, India has got it all. And, in order to tour the country, a plenty of cheap flights are available, connecting various parts of the nation, and making it easier for the tourists to plan an all-encompassing trip of India. Though, almost all of us are in awe of visiting popular places across the globe, and a lot of times we forget that India, has got a lot to offer too!

Here are a few reasons to explore the beautiful country called India:

- Myriad cultures and traditions

India is known worldwide for its amazing cultural diversity. Almost all the states of India have a different identity, and therefore, have something unique to offer to the tourists. Starting from the festivals and celebrations, to the dresses and clothing of people, different states offer a very different flavor. It is suggested to book some of the cheap flights tickets to different states of India, to move around the country in less time.

- Varied natural beauty

From the soaring Himalayan ranges, to the peaceful beaches, from the lush gardens to the cascading waterfalls, India is blessed with some of the most amazingly stunning natural spots. Hill stations in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand are just ideal to experience some of the most unforgettable moments amidst the mountains. In fact, there are a plenty of blooming orchards in North India as well, which offer immense opportunities to take a serene stroll amidst the hanging fruits.

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- Serenity of The South

South India is known for its extreme calmness and serenity. Plus, Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is also the safest city in India. South India is recognized for a plenty of reasons including, the stunningly picturesque and calm beaches to tranquil temple areas. In fact the backwaters of Kerala are just outstanding to click some of the most striking images.

- Goa- The party capital

Goa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. It is now just known for the alluring coastal areas as well as the mesmeric natural beauty, but the churches and temples of Goa are well known across the world as well. But, Goa is widely known as the party capital of the country, some of the biggest parties of the country are organized in Goa, and people from across the world come to indulge in the fun.

These are only some of the reasons to take a tour of India. The vivacious northern states, the soul-stirring north eastern states, the unique East Indian spots, and the historic western destinations are also some of the main reasons to take a tour of India. And, with so many flights, flying from different parts of the country, it is absolutely reasonable to travel across the nation!

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