The Theory Of Constraints (TOC)— Features And Benefits

Organizations are interconnected and interdependent and an ideal situation is when all these departments work hand in hand without any conflicts and deliver the best and the most profitable product. Unfortunately, this is not what happens. There are constraints within the functional performances of each department in the pursual of the desired objective or goal. This is about the Theory of constraints, which will reflect the fallacy in organizations, and it offers resolutions to manage the teams and groups effectively. The theory of constraints is the application of science- physics, sort the areas of management in a company.

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Features of TOC are:

• To thrive on the business environment changes and be capable enough to react and adapt quickly. It provides a body of knowledge and learning which enables organizations to grow and develop their businesses with a sustainable edge in the industry.

• To help manufacturing organizations release hidden capacity

• To improve the reliability of deliveries with a reduction in the lead time reduction.

• TOC was developed for an organization in the retail and distribution business.

• To make the right product available at the right time and right place.

• To create flourishing and profitable companies without being vulnerable to changes and disruption. It helps companies to exploit hidden capacity to produce and market demand, which is untapped. It helps to control operational expenses and reduce capital risk.

Theory of Constraints Consulting

1. TOC Consultants and Experts have enormous experience & knowledge in several industry verticals and industries like Retail, construction, chemical, housing, FMCG, automotive, engineering, pharmaceutical, Capital equipment, IT, and heavy engineering. In order to achieve a magnitude improvement in the overall performance of the organization, TOC consultants focus on improving logical and physical constraints in each department. It depends on physics as a science to eliminate business problems and resolve internal conflicts that are connected through cause and effect.

2. Theory of constraints consulting reveals and resolves the business directions and solutions for ongoing conflicts within the organization. TOC has a powerful thinking process to discover toc solutions for the company.

3. Theory of Constraints Consulting empowers each client’s scenarios in its own unique way and customizes TOC solutions as per individual demands and scenarios of each company.

TOC consulting involves the 4 step methodology to prove TOC solutions

• Initiating the first meeting to explore opportunities, comprehend the value and progress associated.

• Thorough evaluation by TOC experts

• Workshop and top management seminars to enable the right direction towards solutions

• Implementation and application of the final resolution suggested

The methodology of approaching a business problem by TOC solutions:

TOC solutions are all about:

What to Change

The core problem within the organization that leads to disruptions becomes the focus and the ultimate goal for improvement and this is what to change

What to change into

Plan B or the best alternative to replace the disruptions with a viable resolution becomes the need of the hour for TOC consultants. This becomes what to change into

How to cause the change

Drafting a systematic change process within the organization to eliminate disruptions and offer the most conducive solutions by transforming from the current reality to the desired state.

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