Heading to Bangalore soon? Here’re the top places to shop in Bangalore

Bangalore, the IT hub of India is known for a plenty of other interesting things, apart from the IT based corporates as well. Starting from the interesting places to see in and near Bangalore to the tasty local cuisine, there is a lot to enjoy in Bangalore, when you are in the city. But, you would be glad to know that Bangalore has something special instore for the shopaholics as well. There are various interesting places to shop in Bangalore as well. So, whether you love the street fashion or high-end luxury fashion, you will find all types of things here in Bangalore. Book flight tickets to Bangalore now, to explore these top shopping destinations in the city:

· Chickpet

What is so special about Chickpet? Well, you would be amazed to know that it is one of the oldest shopping streets in Bangalore, and it is almost 400 years old! Chickpet is a popular local market, which is full of tourists. In this market, you will find a wide variety of saris. Apart from that, you can also buy a plenty of wholesale dress materials in this market. The best part about this market is that you can buy things at reasonable prices here. The residents of Bangalore just love this place, therefore, it is quite popular amongst the tourists as well. Basically, the market is mostly known for wedding shopping. So, if you want to buy a saree or a piece of jewelry from Chickpet, Book domestic flight tickets to Bangalore now!

· Commercial Street

Commercial Street is one of the most famous shopping areas in Bangalore. The place is visited by tons of shoppers from across the country, and even different parts of the world. You can find a wide range of interesting artistic items here. However, mostly, the street is known for the cloths and jewelry. Also, you will find a wide range of accessories in this street as well. Apart from buying clothes and jewelry, you can also buy furniture and several antique items from this street as well. So, if you want to shop in the Commercial Street of Bangalore, book flight tickets now!

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· Jayanagar 4th Block

One of the oldest shopping complexes in Bangalore, Jayanagar 4th Block is filled by the shoppers all around the year. It is a relatively big shopping complex, and here, you will find many different types of shops. Starting from shoes to vegetables, you can buy a lot of things from this market. Also, you can even buy luggage and book from this market. If you wish to shop in this shopping complex, then please book domestic flights to Bangalore now.

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